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Business loans What & Why

Business Loans Made Easy, Business Loans Made Fair

The world of business or personal financing is inherently, ever-so-slightly skewed in favour of big banks, powerful institutional lenders and corporate creditors – it always has been. Commercial Finance Network was founded with an ambition of addressing this issue, in whatever capacity we could. The business loans arm of our operations convenes the best, most affordable and most flexible – more importantly, the fairest – business loan offers from a diverse panel of specialist lenders, allowing businesses like yours to never hit a roadblock due to lack of funding.

Our business loan solutions are comprehensive and fully customised to fit the exact requirements of your business. The business loans we broker typically cover the expenses for the following:

  • Investment projects
  • Business expansion
  • Business relocation
  • Cashflow management and working capital
  • Trade financing
  • Invoice financing
  • Inventory management
  • Personnel expenses
  • Asset finance and refinance
  • Business growth projects

As is evident, business loans can provide an excellent and resourceful credit option for businesses to deal with nearly all business-related expenses – right from hiring new staff to investing in better assets.

Key Features of Our Business Loans Services

  • Every type of business loan available for all UK businesses
  • Choose from the best business financing offers from all UK lenders
  • Business loan offers customised to the highest degree
  • Business loans available from as low as £2,000 with fixed, affordable month-to-month repayment options
  • Fair, affordable interest rates for short term as well as long term business loans
  • We process every business loan application within 24-hours
  • Free, no-obligation quotes
  • Unique online case tracking system 24×7
  • What you see is what you get – No hidden fees

What is a Business Loan?

A business loan can be defined as a loan aimed at taking care of a variety of business expenses – both small and large.

Running a profitable business is far from easy. To keep the wheel of profits turning, you continually need to reinvest into newer ideas, more talented people and better assets. This of course, comes at a cost – a cost that your business may not always be able to readily and successfully bear.

A business loan provides an easy, hassle-free and convenient solution to such situations. From a letter of credit to a set of trade offers, business loans take many forms. But the bottom line remains firm – a business loan is a loan taken by a business to repair, sustain or grow their operations.


Let’s consider the example of a typical family-owned restaurant. The restaurant presently operates in a busy business location, providing a regular and consistent flow of income for the owners. Knowing this, the owners decide to reinvest some of their profits into opening a second location. The whole project, in their estimate, will require a significant capital investment of £300,000.

Since it’s impossible for them to invest such a huge sum of money, they decide to take an asset-backed business loan. Termed over 10 years at a fair interest rate, this business loan enables the owners to readily undertake the expansion project, while also allowing them to conveniently divert the profits from the new location towards the repayment.

Why do Businesses Need Business Loans?

There are many reasons why a business may want to get a business loan. While it’s impossible to list them all here, saying that businesses need business loans to look after any-and-all business expenses should suffice.

It’s also safe to say that business loans are among the most straightforward, no-frills financing products available in the UK. Unlike bridging loans or development mortgages, business loans rarely involve intricate valuations, planning permissions or complex repayment schedules.

Another interesting factor to consider here is the size of a business. It’s very typical for small businesses to quickly intrude upon the private finances of the owner. A well-structured business loan can help businesses overcome such challenges. Please visit this page to read more about how business loans carry an edge over personal loans.
The added ability to handle business expenses with flexibility is precisely what makes business loans such attractive borrowing options for businesses.

Can a Business with Bad Credit Get a Business Loan?

It’s a question we find ourselves answering on a regular basis.

Just like personal loans, it’s entirely possible – and very commonplace too – for businesses with bad credit history to get business loans.

Whereas most of the risk adverse High Street Banks tend to generally reject loan applications from businesses with bad credit, there are however many lenders available who specialise in such circumstances and are very willing to lend. It is, however, worth noting here that a certain percentage of the loan amount is usually backed with a security in such cases.

Why Choose Commercial Finance Network’s Business Loan Services?

Getting a business loan may sound easy. What’s difficult is getting a business loan that perfectly fits your requirements and is right for your business. It makes little sense for your business to pay hefty, unfair interest rates over a period of years. But unfortunately, many UK businesses find themselves doing just that – only because they entered into a business loan deal that wasn’t right for them.

Commercial Finance Network takes this element out of the equation, allowing you to choose from a set of carefully curated and customised business loan offers from some of the best lenders in the UK.

“Getting a business loan on your own terms is not only possible – it’s easy, too! All thanks to the robust business loan solutions Commercial Finance Network brings to the mix!”

Here are some of the top reasons that have helped our business loan services become an industry standard:

  • Being a truly independent and whole-of-market broker, we work with a vast range of UK-wide lenders. These lenders bring with them a comprehensive set of expertise and risk appetite, thus maximising your chance of getting approved.
  • We hold a great deal of experience in the UK financing industry.
  • We have managed to help countless UK businesses of all sizes secure affordable business loans.
  • Our team works closely with the lender to make sure that funds are readily released. A typical business loan that we broker is available to the borrower within days.
  • You can also monitor the stage-by-stage progress of your application live through our unique online case tracking system 24×7.
  • We have local broker presence across the UK.

Affordable, Fast-tracked Business Loans – Count on Commercial Finance Network

Experience, they say, counts for everything. Commercial Finance Network, boasting an eclectic team of veterans of the UK financing industry, brings unparalleled financing experience to the table. From finding the right lender for your business to negotiating a through-and-through fair deal with them, we make sure that you always have the advantage of our experience on your side.

Borrow for your business, on your own terms – like many UK businesses already have! Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your business today!